The uses are unlimited.

Olive crosses are a great premium item for fund-raising events, 15,000 have been sent to chaplains in Iraq, and here are some additional uses: hospitals, church schools, new parishioners, conferences, prisons, missionaries, Tres Dias & Kairos, Lent, Christmas, evangelish, and gifts to loved ones.

Ordering is easy

1. Send check for as many hundreds as you’d like @ $35 per bag of 100. Crosses are only available in even hundreds.
2. Make your check payable to Episcopal Diocese of CT. credit cards, billing or purchase orders.
3. Orders are shipped in 10 days to a single location in the U.S.
4. Send orders to Episcopal Diocese of CT, Box 571, Tariffville, CT 0601-0571.

Not sure?

If you have any questions, contact Laird Mortimer at 860-40-1539 or Want samples? Glad to send several samples at no cost and no obligation. Simply ask.
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